Thursday, February 25, 2016

Wedding Special - For Stylish Brides & Creative Couples

When it comes time to announce  and celebrate those special moments in life," you'd like to do it with style." But, once you really start wedding planning, you'll begin to notice that a lot of things are mundane .... and looks boringly the same. 

Specially when it comes to invitation, the motifs,patterns, colors etc..all start to annoy you well!

Your invitation represents your taste, and style! Your uniquely designed invitation is the first impression, your guests will have of your grand event.

Here at Zazzle we have a Maker 'Crafty Pie' who is brilliant in modern stationary and custom wedding gifts. Their products are beautiful and stands out, perfect for the creative,stylish bride. 

Each invitation are created with your uniqueness  in mind so that what they create expresses what you wish to say  in the way,  you wish to say it...distinctively,personally and expressively. 

Here is the inspirational journey of the Maker  Craftypie

How did Crafty Pie come into being?

I've always been into graphic/web design (I'm self-taught), and every now and then, I would design stationery for friends and family. In 2012, I decided to see if I could use my design skills to create a business, so I listed some of my designs online and waited to see what would happen. It took about a month to get my first order, but then the ball got rolling. Since then, I've worked with thousands of clients and have expanded into custom wedding/event items like guest books and cake toppers. 

What makes Crafty Pie different?

I like to pride myself on exceptional customer service. A client can customize an existing design however they want and I don't charge extra for it. I'm quick to get back to clients with proofs or any questions they may have. I just want my clients to be happy with the end result and feel like they received an item with their own unique personal touch to it. 

What was one of the most interesting projects that you worked on? 

I worked on a fun project with a couple last year. They were based in NYC and both worked in the financial industry, so they wanted me to design a wedding invitation based on the Wall Street Journal. The couple was having two weddings - one in NY and one in Romania, where the bride was from. For their order, I put together a 8.5x5 bifold invitation that looked like a newspaper featuring their two wedding invitations, itineraries for the weddings, information on the venues, and even a crossword puzzle on the back. It was definitely one of the most interesting custom invitations I've made to date. 

Check out the wonderful Crafty Pie store on Zazzle!  Inspect his creativity!  

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St. Patrick's Day

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Double Bonanza From Zazzle !!!

30 Days of Maker Giveaways

    30 Days of Maker Giveaways & St. Patrick's Day Sale !!!

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Wedding Cards and Gifts With Great Offers From Zazzle !

   Save The Date    

 A wedding is an epoch making, wonderful,  optimistically once-in-a-lifetime occasion, and for that reason, we tend to overplay making sure of every little thing is perfect and everyone is happy. That awesome day, though, will really be just a glitch, in your many years of life as a married couple and the things you ,will remember most just months after the event will probably not be the things you worried about most.
      So whether your budget is low or high focus on the things you'll remember most and don't worry about the rest. 

Here are some tips to consider when you are planning a grand wedding. The top seven things that make a wedding more memorable and grand are -
4.Dress & Jewelry
7. Never the less- Favors
 Above all, the experience with our loved ones was ,of course, the main thing.

For  Creative Invitations , For Stylish Brides and Creative Couples  

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