Thursday, August 18, 2016

Keep This Checklist Handy To Make Your Back To School Shopping As Easy As Pie.

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Need to buy supplies for high school or middle school kids or for your tiny tots?

What's the smart way to shop for school supplies?

Here are some useful tips to make your job easy.

Contact the school and ask them if they have a supply list.
Many teachers have a set list of supplies which they expect every student to come prepared with on the first day to school. But even if the list isn't available, no need to worry you can still go ahead by sticking to the basics recommended below.
  1. One folder and one single subject notebook, which is usually given to you by the teacher, for each class you are taking, unless you are told otherwise. If you know that there will be a lot of handouts and worksheets, a loose leaf binder may work better than a folder. Make sure you have different colors; nothing would be worse than bringing the wrong binder to class.Expensive folders with multiple pockets and zippers are often too bulky to fit in desks. Better to stick with more streamlined (and cheaper) models.
  2. A high quality pencil bag or box, as these last longer than plastic.
  • Fill it with the following:10 pencils of your choice and one big eraser. Include a sharpener if you choose normal pencils and lead if you choose mechanical pencils.
  • A ruler with English and metric measurements
  • Highlighters, colored pencils and markers.
  • A few black and red pens are optional, but highly useful.
  • A fountain pen is a good thing to have with you.
  • Ink cartridges if you have a fountain pen
  • A small pair of scissors- not too sharp otherwise they might poke a hole in your pencil case
  • A glue stick.
  • Post-it notes.
   3.Lined paper
   4.Notebook(pick one you like)
   5.Ring binder (any width)

   7. Get a sturdy backpack or book bag to carry your notebooks, binders, pencil bag and personal supplies in. 
Some common personal items like:
  • Tissues, Band-aids, gum/mints, or feminine supplies if you are a girl. 
  • It is also useful to help carry a few locker for shelves, a small mirror or magnets to school on your first day to get organize your supplies "at school" storage area with.
    8. Lunch box.
    9. Water bottles.
   10.Small Towels.

That's all folks. Make a print out of this list and keep till they or you pass out as graduates.

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