Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Cards & Customizable Cards

Everything from the Christmas tree to the marshmallows on Grandma’s yams

 got their start somewhere, and many have surprising stories. Take a look at a

 few things you might not know about Christmas below.

Every year, post offices across America, Canada and other parts of the world are

 flooded with letters from kids addressed to Santa Claus. The Canadian Post 

Office receives so many that some postal workers started answering the letters.

 As the demand increased, the postal service set up a special zip code for Santa.

Many publications and ads like to print the innocuous sounding 'Xmas' to

prevent them from scaring away any non-Christian customers. But if they knew

the true origin for the word, they'd probably opt for the full version and call it a


 According to 'From Adam's Apple to Xmas: An Essential Vocabulary

Guide for the Politically Correct,' the word "Christianity" was spelled 

"Xianity" as far back as 1100 as a symbolic syllable for "Christ." The syllable

 became 'X'temmas' in 1551 and was eventually shortened to "Xmas."

Santa Claus is based on a real person, St. Nikolas of Myra (also known as

 Nikolaos the Wonderworker, Bishop Saint Nicholas of Smyrna, and Nikolaos of
 Bari), who lived during the fourth century.Born in Patara (in modern-day Turkey), he is the world’s most popular non-Biblical saint, and artists have portrayed him more often than any other saint  except Mary. He is the patron saint of banking, pawnbroking, pirating, butchery, sailing, thievery, orphans, royalty, and New York City.

These are few facts about Christmas for today. Let us go to the main subject of celebrating this festival more joyfully and hastlefree.

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